Commit to respecting working conditions 

Our core concern: people!

Through our parent company, Maison Chancerelle, we are committed to ensuring secure jobs with decent working conditions

within the company, but also beyond our company.

Ensuring safety and health for our employees

Safety is everyone’s concern, and especially the company’s. At Connétable employees are even personnaly incentivised on general safety.

We also pay special attention to the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD), which can occur in the event of repetitive movements, carrying loads or repeated difficult postures, at any workstation.

Safety and health are more than a mere obligation: guaranteeing this for all our employees at all our sites is a fundamental part of our policy. 




Some tangible examples of actions taken at our sites

Site safety

Prevention of occupational diseases

Did you know?

To help ensure that all our staff are integrated as well as possible, we have set up mentoring systems and induction programmes adapted to each position.


Commitment beyond the company

Through our parent company, Maison Chancerelle, we are also committed to ensuring that working conditions are respected for everyone in our partner organisations.
This commitment is based on the fisheries conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO). If a supplier’s country of origin has not signed these agreements, we require them to enter into a contract that “recognises Decent Work as a fundamental and essential component of the business partnership”.



We only work with suppliers and fisheries that comply with ILO rules.


Did you know?

If a product is processed in a country outside the EU, sites must undergo mandatory social audits by an independent body at least once every three years. An audit report is available after each audit.


Actively contributing to a dynamic sector

To make sure everyone feels the benefits, we maintain an ongoing dialogue with everyone involved in the sector: food manufacturers, professional canning unions and the public authorities to improve working conditions in the industry and across the sector (e.g. ADEPALE, FIAC, UPPIA).