Respect for the environment

At Connétable, we believe that integrating respect for the environment into our decision-making processes and improving ourselves day after day to limit our impact are an integral part of our responsible approach.

Improving our energy efficiency

Being responsible means striving to improve, day after day!

Through our parent company Maison Chancerelle, at Connétable we are engaged in a programme to improve energy efficiency. We thus work to reduce the amount of energy consumed at our sites. This is a vast and ambitious programme for the long term. 


Some tangible examples of actions taken at our sites:

Switch to LED tube lighting at our factories in France

Commitment to reduce water and gas consumption at our factories in France

Installation of a field of photovoltaic panels at our factory in Morocco

Recovering waste

Being responsible means considering our impact throughout the entire product life cycle!

We pay great attention to the recovery of waste generated by our production sites. We implement improvement programmes based on the results of audits conducted at our various plants and thus strive to find the best value chains available, applying circular economy thinking. For example, we recycle our used edible oils and our cardboard boxes. This waste is processed for reuse in another form.

Since November 2018, Maison Chancerelle has held ISO 14001 certification for its businesses and its products throughout their life cycle. This certification epitomises our commitment to the environment and sustainable development.


Some tangible examples of actions taken at our sites

Reuse in the form of BIO-FUEL

Donations to charities

Reuse in the form of BIO-GAS

Full recycling

Did you know? 

In 2018, we achieved a recovery rate of 92% of our waste (excluding incinerated waste) at our site in Brittany! 



Being responsible means applying the approach to all aspects of our business!

Going beyond waste recovery, we are committed to a genuine policy of waste reduction and are already working on several aspects of this. 

One emblematic example of the issues we are tackling:

For several months now, we have been working with our packaging suppliers to reduce the thickness of our cans. This is a very precise technical point and is fully in line with our responsible approach.

Did you know? 

Our cans are made of either steel or aluminium, two fully recyclable materials. The fact that the cans contain oil or sauce does not affect their recyclability. All of our packaging can be disposed of in your recycling bin!
At Connétable, respect for the environment also includes our packaging!