Guarantee the quality of our products & transparency

Because you can’t have a good product without good fish, we select our fish according to strict criteria and specifications that are different for each species, fished at the best time of the season, in a transparent manner.


Offering you quality products has been our priority for over 165 years!

Strict specifications for each species

These criteria may relate to the intrinsic quality of the fish, i.e. fat content and freshness, or to organoleptic qualities (taste and flavour).

For sardines, for example, we systematically measure fat content to ensure the right levels of Omega 3 in our finished products.

Did you know?

If one criterion (freshness, appearance, etc.) is not met, the goods are returned to the supplier and used for another application.

Fished at the peak of the season

Connétable sources its supplies according to the seasons for each species. This choice reflects our commitments both to responsible resource management and to product quality.

Some examples of fishing seasons according to species

For sardines

For tuna

For mackerel

In a transparent manner

A question of trust!
Using the batch number marked on our tuna cans, we are able to tell you the species, the fishing ground and fishing method used, the name of the boat and the place of manufacture.
There are two ways of checking this: 

Find all the information you need about the fishing area and the species of our sardines on our cans.