Sardines in extra virgin olive oil and Espelette chili pepper

Sardines entières

Give these Basque-style sardines and their flavours from the south of France a taste. The added flavour of the deliciously refined Espelette chilli pepper contrasts with the mildness of these exceptionally tasty hand-prepared sardines. Sample them yourself and see!


Sardines, extra virgin olive oil (6.5%), red pepper, tomato concentrate, salt, spices, Espelette chilli pepper (0.5%).

Poids du poisson: 
87 g
Poids total: 
115 g

Nutritionnal value per 100 g of product
Energie : 
860 kJ (206 kcal)
Matières grasses : 
13 g
Dont acides gras saturés : 
3,0 g
Dont acides gras mono-insaturés : 
6,2 g
Dont acides gras poly-insaturés : 
2,8 g
Glucides : 
0,7 g
Dont sucres : 
0,7 g
Fibres alimentaires : 
1,3 g
Protéines : 
21 g
Sel : 
1,0 g
Dont Oméga 3 : 
2,0 g
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