Sardines in extra virgin olive oil

Sardines entières

In their famous red can, these whole sardines in olive oil are a flagship product from Connétable and have been delighting tastebuds for generations now.

The sardines are hand-selected and prepared then fried for just two or three minutes. Next, they are canned by hand to guarantee top quality and covered in extra virgin olive oil.

They are then stored so they can take on all their delicious Mediterranean flavour.


Sardines, extra virgin olive oil, salt.

Poids du poisson: 
87 g
Poids total: 
115 g

Nutritionnal value per 100 g of drained product
Energie : 
929 kJ (223 kcal)
Matières grasses : 
15 g
Dont acides gras saturés : 
3,3 g
Dont acides gras mono-insaturés : 
7,4 g
Dont acides gras poly-insaturés : 
2,9 g
Glucides : 
0 g
Dont sucres : 
0 g
Fibres alimentaires : 
0 g
Protéines : 
22 g
Sel : 
1,0 g
Dont Oméga 3 : 
2,3 g
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